Sunday, February 26, 2006

flashsites of interest

I like this flashsite because it really tries to experiments with the conventions of website navigation. The news paper is the container for its information, the user navigates its content by mouse {clicking and scrolling}. After you get to the destination specified, a pen animation circles the heading of the location. Its a coincidence that the posters that I am designing have a lot in common with this flashsite, whereas both deal with new media and old media and how it communicating to its audiences through its use digitally and traditionally. It is also pretty interesting that the buttons for the photography is in the content of the photographed newspaper.

This site is very clean and professional, whereas the use of white space is designed in a modern form that follows the function of it. The photos are displayed in sequential fashion but have subtle thing that goes on with the photo that entails a screen that disappears with ever consecutive photo shown. I really like navigating the photos, because the space that the information occupies changes in different ways and which keeps it dynamic. Structure plays a interesting part with the axis lines that are created with the characters and are used to organize and group the information that one navigates. This flash-site makes me want to learn Japanese so I can understand its valuable content.


carley said...

i like that idea of old and new media. i think its an interesting juxtiposition because it is appropriating a media that is traditionally static and not interactive in any way.

the way the first sight is set up really makes it feel like an actual physical space, like an actual newspaper, but with pictures that change. i feel like i saw something like this in a futuristic movie- Minority Report maybe. i wouldnt be suprised if they had newspapers like this in the future- with changing pictures. its definately a unique experience as far as navigation.

the second site is very clean and simple. it seems very elegant. i like how there are different axis to the type (horizontal and vertical) during the transitions, it creates a link between the english horizontal and japanese vertical writing styles. the type moves and flows into position. i like how dots appear before a photo does, its a simple thing but a nice touch.

courtney said...

i agree with carley, that newspaper site reminded me of Minority Report, where it looks like the newspaper format we have now, but with dynamic content. There is a small navigation bar that acts as an automatic table of contents for the page- it pans across the space, smoothly transitioning the viewer to the appropriate location. In one sense, this is a very interesting approach to take the viewer to the destination, but in another sense, it is denying the viewer the experience of navigating through the space and exploring it on their own.

I also enjoyed the Japanese Inn site, the transitions were so placating, very soothing and smoothly executed. The movement of the kanji as one navigates from one page to the next is truly what gives the viewer a sense of tranquility, like the word is a leaf that is floating to the ground. In addition, the small dots that slowly fade on the images are a nice visual aesthetic that almost makes the experience dream-like

ashleep said...
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ashleep said...

i was so amazed at the idea of the website with the newspaper navigation. it was such a simple design but it communicated a complex idea about the relationship between old media and new media. i was just so impressed with the little extra clever details such as the "sudoku" and the contact section. the idea of the whole website seemed to flow so seamlessly, like it took no effort to create. Like David Ulrich (digital photo professor) said about good art and how it takes alot of time and effort to create, but when the finished product is presented, it seems to flow effortlessly.

unmi said...

The newspaper site was so amazing! I really felt like I was looking at a newspaper in a real space. I think it was clever to choose a newpaper as a template for the website because newspapers actually have many different information in one page. I couldn't stop saying "WOW!" while I was looking through this website. But I think it will be a little difficult to update any new information to this website. You know how much we struggled learning how to make a simple website in design lab. This website looks like you have to start all over in order to update anything. I don't know if there's a trick behind but it looks really complicated to me.
The second website, you mentioned the white space that was used throughout the website. It reminds of the art class I took in korea. I remember I was learning about the history of korean art and noticed that the white blank space was also considered as art too. There's also a term saying 'beauty of blank space'. I'm sure Japanese traditional art had the same significance to the white space. And I think this site becomes more attractive because it combines the elements from both traditional and modern Japanese art.