Saturday, February 11, 2006

modular grid deconstruction, project: {recycled calender}

This calendar addresses the issues of construction, deconstruction, waste and creation, this inventively produced calendar is printed on recycled printed matter. Each month's calendar matrix pushes and pulls at the under lying grid structure that contains the days and weeks. In some cases, the intervals between the modules are expanded and contracted. The secondary logic, is produced with a superimposed grid of geometric shapes that interacts with the typography, alternately building shapes around it and obscuring it with invisible forms. Each individual months and their deconstructions gain added meaning in the context of the printed preexisted image underneath that has been appropriated.

This calendar is a example of what can be done when remixing and appropriating images from different sources. These preexisted images adds a layer of information that reveals a process in the making. I feel in this case that most any appropriated image would work because of the conception of recycled paper and the theme of the calendar being things that are recycled. I think this application of appropriated imaging can be brought over to about any concept you see fit. Another thing I would like to add is that this process yields unexpected results because images are found, and it allows a chance operation to take place.


courtney said...

This an interesting project, to have the main concept be about recycling, then to have recycled images printed on recycled paper. It all relates to each other in a very environmentally friendly manner. I think there is an issue of legibility with this project because you are forced to see through two layers of information, a calendar that is laid out in months but following varying formats, then also an image. However, I wonder if the artist had some motivation for placing a certain image with a particular design of that month's calendar format. Maybe it is because there isn't much more explanation, but I can't really make out what the connection is between type design and image appropriation (if there is one). However, because the design of this calendar is very unique and eye-catching, i think that if I had it, I would hold on to it as an intriguing artifact of art.

unmi said...

I really like the idea of the creative format of a calendar. Usually the numbers are placed in a table format, same format repeated twelve times but although it looks boring, I understand that the format had to be kept like this for better legability. It's an interesting approach to use calendar as a source of an artwork because it's something that everyone has, and everyone needs.
Like what Courtney said, I'm not too sure if the images were chosen like that intentionally. But because it seems to be so random images, I think there can be many different interpretation that can be made by the viewers. It's an attractive calendar but it's true that it's hard to make connections between the type and the image.

ashleep said...

In a way this calendar reminds me of the "expiration date calendar" that I did for my blog before. They both use a wide variety of ways to represent the dates by using many different typefaces and not having a consistant grid system. Their designs also both seem to be very loose. However, in the recycled calendar, it is difficult to see any unified message that this entire calendar is supposed convey. It is definitely attractive, but I am not too sure what the connection is between the months and the images chosen for each month. Maybe the calendar is just supposed to show the beauty of recycled "trash."

carley said...

i can appreciate this calendar even if it is just design for designs sake. not everything has to have a deeper purpose. sometimes we just like things because they are nice to look at. i like the combinations of elements. the legibility is an issue yes, but personally i would buy this calendar anyway because its interesting and different, i wouldnt be turned away by its challenging legibilty. what makes it so interesting is that the designer chose not to go for the safe approach with the type. i think there are some really interesting things going on with the dates in the grids. also brian, i agree with what you said about the process of mixing appropriated images being effective to form unexpected and interesting results.