Sunday, March 05, 2006

more flash sites of interest

This flash site employes a mosaic structure {grid} for displaying images for purchase that moves horizontally at various speeds. Once you chose the image you can grab and drag it to the bottom of the screen to buy. You can control the navigation speed of the pictures, color of the background and view of the pictures from mosaic or normal, also you can employ keywords to navigate to a specific image of interest. There is also a catalogue option window to navigate more images that are included in the catalogues. I really find this navigation very appealing because it allows you to view the photo's all juxtaposed together in a grid that reveals itself little by little.

The structure of this flash site is very close in comparison to a slot machine. A slot machine structure is pretty interesting to use in juxtaposing the images and the transition from one set of information to another. Each transition of information and imagery is colored with either red or blue or both. The imagery I have noticed is halftone screen that compliments the two colors used.

The use of macro & micro is employed to show the products {which is these little characters in boxes}. By clicking on each individual character's box it is brought to the foreground to reveal itself and by clicking again it flips to the back of the packaging to inform the consumer of the contents. I really like the identities of the characters and the packaging because they each communicate in their own way.


courtney said...

the first website that acts as a photo stock website is very user friendly, there are controls for your own customized experience. although the images are all a bit overwhelming because of the sheer volume, it is still pleasing, maybe because there are varying sizes that add visual interest, or perhaps because there are rounded edges to the thumbnails, or maybe just the overall feeling the images provide, which is one of harmony and serenity.

the last website is a bit eerie, everything is so dark and gritty. its a different experience than one is accustomed to when interacting with toys. the music and "lighting" of the page is a bit unsettling. i am not sure this is the best way to invite people to take a look at your work. i would rather put people at ease and make them feel comfortable. but that part aside, i think it is a creative approach to have the navigation system consist of taking a toy off a shelf, previewing whats inside by reading the back, and then being taken to that student's webpage.

unmi said...

I liked the first website how it uses a grid structure to display the stock images. I also liked the idea of dragging down the image into the cart. It felt like a real shopping how we pick a product from the display rack and grab the item you choose to put it into your cart. However I feel more comfortable looking at images one by one and it's great you can customize this by the controller. Like Courtney mentioned, the images are being displayed in different sizes, and some of the images are repeated more than one time in different sizes so I felt it was a bit difficult to choose an image if I were to buy one.

carley said...

i also felt a bit overwhelmed by the mass of images in the stock photo site, but it does let you get a sense of the works as a whole. the grid is orderly, it feels very polished and sanitary with everything neatly in its box.

the second site is repetitious in the slot-machine-like motion. it kind of works to give a consistant theme. although im not sure it has the strongest relevance to theatre, maybe if it were a site relating to vegas or something.

the third is definately creepy, but it is an interesting way of presenting the information. i like these kind of sites were the designer has created a feeling of real space, theres a different type of interaction involved.

ashleep said...

All these websites were interesting in their creative ways of presenting information to the viewer. The last website had a very eerie feeling, but it was the most interesting to me. I really like how the designer made the website to feel as though you were really interacting with what was on the screen. It also had a sense of depth to it, with the dark black space in the background, which made it even more mysterious. Even though this was a website for toys, i think it is geared more toward a older audience, because i think most children would be frightened by it. And I think it is effective in their attempt to appeal to an older audience.