Tuesday, April 11, 2006

magCulture: {new magazine culture} Jeremy Leslie

Tme Out: { UK, Issue 1595, March 14-21 2001 }
At first glance, it looks like the butcher's knife has cut some fresh, bloody meat: closer look reveals it has cut some tomatoes; a visual trick that neatly introduces the subject of vegetarianism while not excluding carnivores. When I first saw this I didn't notice that it was tomatoes that are being chopped I thought that it was pieces of cows but through further inspection and reading it was not the case. By the way I thought Lee would find this pretty humerous, being that he is a vegetarian. Also I like how it brings across vegetarianism and canivories at the same time. Bring two ideas together in one concept is pretty amazing.

BEpeople { Belgium, Issue 2, February/March/April 2002 }
Each issue of this magazine about Belgium features a person obliterated by a title in white circle, rendering the individual irrelevent and emphasizing the generic nature of its name. I really find the taking away of information hence the cut out circle appeals to me. White space allows for the heading primary information and the juxapostion of imagery as well.

No.A/B/C... ( Belgium, issue A, Summer 2001 )
Each issue of this fashion magazine is titled a single letter and overseen by a different editor, in this Dirk Van Saene. The issue has no cover: instead it starts with the contents page and is wrapped in plastic printed with its title, 'A'. The packaging is the cover of the magazine and that's what I find really interests me. Breaking from the norm that is the traditional sense of navigation and assumption is what this does.


ashleep said...

The first picture of the chopped tomatos was an interesting idea to think about. It really does appear to be chopped flesh when you first look at it. It totally communicates two different ideas depending on the way that you look at it. When I first looked at it, I was really grossed out, but when I realized that it was just tomatos, it suddenly wasnt gross anymore. I wonder how vegetarians feel about this image. Are they grossed out? Are they offended? I like how you said that "it brings across vegetarianism and canivories at the same time."

unmi said...

Chopped tomato was a tricky image where it looks like a bloody meat but when I made the image bigger to look up closer, yeah, it was a tomato. Like Ashlee said, I'm curious how the vegetarians would react to this image. What if they stop eating tomatoes because they look so gross? I hope people don't too offended by this image that they stop to eat tomatoes.
I also liked the last magazine, issue A, with no cover. Usually magazine covers are what attracts the people to read and buy it. But this issue without a cover still attracts the viewers by it's unusual plastic packaging with a big red alphabet 'A'. People would be curious why an 'A' is printed on magazine package. It's an interesting approach where the magazine can be still attractive without the cover.

carley said...

thats really daring, the last magazine, it just completely throws convetion out the window- who needs a cover! i love it. plus it allows the viewer to get an even more thorough look at the contents of the magazine than if it were a cover with just a few short headlines.
nice use of white space in all 3 images