Thursday, April 06, 2006

{contemporary illustrations}

Michelle Thompson {sky montage}

After completing a bachelors of arts degree in graphic design at Norwich School of Art & Design, British illustrator Michelle Thompson continued her studies in London, graduating with a master of arts degree from the Royal College of the art in 1997. She has since worked on projects encompassing advertising, publishing and design. She uses letterpress, a camera, scanner and computer to create her immaculately crafted illustrations, and describes her style as "digital and hand-made collage".

Mode 2 {illustrations}

"I describe myself as a painter and illustrator, "explains mode 2. " It sounds like a craft as opposed too something arty." Born in Martritus , MOde 2 is now based predominantly in paris. Self taught, he uses pencil, acrylic paint and, increasingly, a mac to create illustrations that are beautifully crafted to the tinest detail initially influenced by comics of the late seventies and earily eighties' his artwork has also drawn inspiration from hip hop music and graffiti writing.

Christine Berrie {Soho square W1}

" Computers have enabled us to explore new processes and new ways of making pictures," comments scottish image maker Christine Berrie . "But I think the most interesting work originates from hand-crafted imagery. It is refreshing, at the moment, to see more hand crafted images . I hope this will always be the case."

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carley said...

i like the sky montage. its one of those it looks so simple, you almost feel like, i could do that. but yet i cant, it takes just the right eye for subtle color combinations and lots of experimentation with different media. her designs remind me of eduardo recife's in a way with the images she chooses.
the mode 2 illustration is really nice. i like the movement in the picture you have posted.
his style is really soul-ful, and you can see the grafitti influence